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And now to continue the Discussion!

  This is where everyone who lives and/or works in Filkins & Broughton Poggs can join in the discussion. And those who joined in on the First Phase know the ropes... Read any of the posts and comments, and join in as you see fit. And let your posts and comments be as practical and directed, or as fanciful and wild as you like. 

  It's a good idea if you look at the data collected so far, and the conclusions/ideas 1-4 that we (the CLP group) have drawn from that data.  You'll find all the data a click away off the home page. 'Idea 5' is for everything else, including your great ideas!

  Please do sign up, if you've not done so already... And be assured, nobody is going to keep tabs on you or try and sell you anything; it's simply that it's more matey for everyone to know we're talking to!

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