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Community Led Plan(CLP)

Where would we like to go?

Some suggestions, to help our discussion blossom...

Where would we like to go?

  At a recent Village Lunch, Teresa Smallbone and Moira Swann kindly asked those present to list things they like about Filkins & Broughton Poggs, and things they thought could be improved.

  Please have a look through the list, and if you like any of the ideas, or wish to add to them, or comment on them, please go to the 'Discussion Page'... And have your say!

Good things about Filkins & Broughton Poggs

  • A strong sense of community.

  • A friendly inclusive community.

  • Lots of information about what's available/ reasonably well promoted.

  • A community that takes care of each other.

  • A community that cares for the environment; kept tidy; nature valued.

  • A very busy, active community that is friendly and inclusive.

  • The village shop is valued and used by the villagers. It works hard to satisfy the needs of the community and also provides support and information.

  • Opportunity to participate in a wide range of village leisure activities.

  • Targeting certain activities according to need... eg having village Lunch Club targeted people resident in the village who are economically inactive.

  • Large/wide range of activities developed and targeted at certain groups.

  • Very strong community spirit.

  • Good recreational, inclusive, focused items, eg swimming pool, bowling green, cricket, gardening club, etc.

  • Symbiotic benefit offered by having a strong, large communal outlet which provides services for the whole village... eg shop, relaxation.

  • Great sense of history and connection with the past, aided by a very interesting and engaging museum and other events eg in church.

  • Inclusive activities;- eg the lottery engages with residents from a wide range of backgrounds. Similarly with the allotments.

Things that could be even better

  • Having closer access to some facilities, eg Post Office.

  • Welcome booklet available to all new villagers.

  • Public transport, currently none!

  • Maintenance of footpaths - not swept or leaves removed, often resulting in people walking in the road.

  • Local taxi service.

  • Reduced speed limit on the B4477  bypass is not observed... Very dangerous.

  • Additional facilities in the village hall. Eg catering and washing up facility etc... Would lead to wider usage.  

  • Greater status for village history- museum is unique, but facilities limit its ability promote and celebrate that history... USP of the village.

  • Increased local entertainment... eg Panto every year.

  • Ensuring that there is a long term plan/goals for the development of the village... eg what do we want it to be in 20 years time? And then ensure development reflects our planned aspirations / goals... Including:

    • Rural character sustained.

    • Inclusive community.

    • Accessibility for residents.

    • Environmental friendly living.

  • A Filkins & BP tourist information booklet to celebrate its past and present activities.

  • Some alterations to ease the danger of B4477... eg people taking short cuts via School House, and Nursery into the village.

Whether you agree, or disagree, please join the discussion page, and have your say

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