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Platinum Jubilee
Quiz Trail

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Quiz Trail in Filkins

How well do you know our village?

Here are 17 silly questions which you can answer as you wander through Filkins & BP. Once you work out the right place to start, and answer Question One, the rest of the questions are very roughly in order up and down the village from Filkins to Broughton Poggs and back...


All the answers can be found from the road and other shared public space, or from a designated footpath... 

Enter each answer on the form.


At any time you can use the buttons at the top and/or bottom of the page to return to previous questions, and update an answer before submitting the completed quiz.


You can submit more than one set of answers if you like.  

All answers will be collated, and a winning team will be announced.

But first of all, please start by giving a contact email and a team name, so that your entry can be registered...

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