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Yippee! The First Phase is published. See below...


Community Led Plan(CLP)

We might know where we've come from, and maybe where we are... 

... But where would we like to go?

"How does a CLP help us?"

  Compiling a ‘Community Led Plan’ (CLP) encourages us to look at ourselves and our aspirations, and plot a course forwards. It sounds a bit highfalutin, but actually it just means ‘we’ do the thinking and planning, rather than the unknown ‘them’!
  Having a CLP doesn’t mean that our village will necessarily get exactly what it wants... But Good Things generally flow from co-operative thinking, and because CLPs are taken into account by district and county councils, having one might well mean that at least we won’t get what we don’t want!
  And if there are projects we agree upon,
having a CLP can make it much easier to work with councils and other organisations, to find funding and the necessary support to bring the projects to life.

  (Our last CLP, in 2004/5, led among other things, to the establishment of our lovely Village Shop.)
  So, if you live and/or work in Filkins & Broughton Poggs, do please join in, and have your say...

Progress so far...

  Based on preliminary discussions in the village, we hit on eight 'categories':

 Built environment: Roads, houses, signage, conservation, heritage

 Facilities: Shared space, village hall, pub, swimming pool, churches, shops

 Getting together: Organisations, community, volunteering

 Employment: Going to work, home-working, business

 Great Outdoors: Fields, farming, trees, gardens, paths, exercise, pets

 Transport links: Getting here, getting away, traffic, buses, parking

 Future development: More houses, bigger village, adapting to change

 Opportunities: The sky's the limit... Dreaming the ideal

  We have now completed the first data-collection phase (thank you to everyone who has joined in so far), and we have reached some conclusions about the best way forward...

  It would be great if you could review these conclusions, as well as having a quick look through the evidence... And then go back to the discussion page, and see if we can make progress with these particular projects...

The Plan Guidelines, Procedure, & 'The DATA':

The Appendices (Mostly more data!):

The Conclusions, and a way forward:

'The Filkins & Broughton Poggs Community Led Plan' is independently managed by a Steering Group of six villagers. 

Everyone who lives and/or works in the Parish of Filkins & Broughton Poggs is warmly invited to take part in all of the discussions on these pages.

If you know of anyone who would prefer to contribute to the CLP face to face, please let us know, and the Steering Group will arrange a home visit.

CLP Steering group: Lee Bennett, Paul Floyd, Ian Grey, Andy Macer, Richard Martin, Karen Todner

A rumination about change:

Hard-copies of most CLP documents are available upon request

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